Saturday, May 23, 2009

150 sales!

Today I reached my 150th sale... yay! I am just so excited, it is such a great number to be at. What a blast I am having. I have enjoyed every single item that I have created so far, and am totally thrilled to be doing what I am doing. It is funny, I did not even plan to start a shop on Etsy. It kind of just happened. I am blown away by the joy and fun that I have and the wonderful people that I have met. The world of Etsy is such a wonderful thing to be apart of.

So back to my sales... when I reached my 50th sale, I treated myself to this amazing bag:

for my 100th sale, this bag...

and now for my 150th sale, I am thinking about one of these two bags.... which one do you like the best?

Can you tell I enjoy a good bag? :)

PS- I think I'm leaning towards the first bag...

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