Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I am amazed at how fast this summer has gone. I truly think that it is the fastest summer I've ever had. Yes, I know that I tend to exaggerate, but I really do mean it. Time is so funny, isn't it? I think back to when Steve and I were dating while he was in chiropractic school. Time moved so slow then. I would count the days, waiting for our next visit. It was the same with the days before our wedding, and also while I was pregnant and very sick. But not anymore. For me, that shows contentment. Back then, I was just wishing away the days until I could see Steve, or until I could hold my baby in my arms. But I am just so content where I am right now. I am not wishing away the days at all, but rather am wishing they would slow down a little. Told you time is funny...

Speaking of time, I am almost ready for a big shop update. Still planning on Friday. Here is a sneak peak of just a few of the many new quilts...

PS - Yes, those are gnomes and vans and goldfish and bicycles and ribbons and dots. I actually did it, I cut into my rare, out-of print Ross/Schmidt stash. It was hard, you should be proud of me. Just don't expect me to do that very often. :)


  1. Love the blue quilt!! So cute! -V

  2. LOVE your new lovey's!!! Isn't wonderful to have the good stuff ;) Have you heard of my swappy - poo group??? You should stop by!