Sunday, August 16, 2009

A quilt for me.

I think it is about time I make a quilt for me. Or maybe two. I have been collecting Heather Ross and Denyse Schmidt fabrics, and I think that I am ready to cut into them. I am going to start with a coin quilt for myself, one that will be very similar to this one by Oh Fransson:

I haven't made a coin quilt yet, and I am in love with this one. I love the graduated colors and how it showcases so many beautiful fabrics. The one pictured is actually a tablecloth quilt, but I am planning on making a throw size. I have many many rare Heather Ross prints like those featured, but I do not plan on using nearly as many. I want to feature only my favorites. I am going to start cutting the fabric this week. After I finish up a couple orders, of course. :)

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