Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sweet summer.

It has been an amazingly sweet summer, and this past week was exceptionally wonderful. It was full of fair rides, funnel cakes, playing in the sand, and swimming in the lake. We had a wonderful time at Lake Erie. My favorite moment was when Weston came up to me and said, "Look Mom, my fingers have wrinkles!" The boys had so much fun playing in the sand, and we had so much fun watching them. Same with the rides at a local fair this week. Weston had so much fun, we were filled with joy because of his joy. It is wonderful, and God is just so good to us. Here are a couple photos from the lake...

Onto my world of fabric and sewing.... I just love this world, in case you haven't noticed. I absolutely adore the beauty of fabric, and I love spending time at my sewing machine. I've been involved in a wonderful fabric swap group that has been so much fun. Check out the button on the left if you'd like to join our group on Flickr. If you are a fan of designer fabric, Heather Ross or Denyse Schmidt in particular, you'd love this.

What am I sewing these days? I am currently working on a Love a Tree quilt for a dear customer. I am so thrilled to be making another one of these rag quilts, this fabric is just gorgeous. I am also working on a travel quilt featuring the same fabrics. It should be up in shop early on in the week.

I am also starting a new quilt for... me! About time, isn't it? I'll show you my inspiration tomorrow. :)

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  1. As the very very happy recipient of the "love a tree" quilt that you mention in this post, I wanted to just say thank you AGAIN! The quilt arrived this afternoon, and it is really very lovely and beautifully made! I am so grateful for your kindness and skill in creating this quilt for my (soon to be born!) son! I will send along a picture with him and his special new quilt when I have the chance! all best, MB