Saturday, October 10, 2009

absent but not idle...

I haven't spent much time on the internet as of late, but I have spent quite a bit of time sewing.

Don't you love my new quilted pouch for my purse? I love carrying big bags, so I use smaller pouches or bags for the inside to organize all the contents (if you know me, I am big into organization). When I saw the tutorial here, I decided to make a version of it for myself. It was so fun, and only took one afternoon to make. I used all of my favorites from my Flea Market Fancy collection, and I love seeing them everytime I reach into my purse. I told my husband that, and he just laughed. I'm pretty sure my quilting friends can relate!

I loved making this pouch so much! I think I might make a few more for my shop! (Thanks Christina, aka the SometimesCrafter, for the thumbs up and best wishes for happy sales. Your the best!)

And speaking of the shop... I just received my new business cards in the mail this week, and I love them. I got the idea to print my cards on fabric from my brilliant fabric designer friend, Ariel. I just love seeing my owl on fabric!


  1. I LOOOOVE it and christinas tutorial is awesome. its so cute I have to make one also

  2. Cute pouch! I love the idea of using your favorites so you can look at them all the time :) My hubby would just give me the look if I said something like that to him lol

  3. It looks great! And you just can't go wrong with FMF. :) I love seeing my moms sitting around and getting to enjoy all of those fabrics in one spot. I haven't seen any of this style on Etsy, so I think you should go for it! I personally prefer this opening to the top slide in version, so I think others would like that too!

  4. i love this clutch and just happen to have a bunch of flea market fancy that i have not decided what to do with yet. there just might be one of these in my future.