Saturday, February 13, 2010


So close! The binding is sewn onto the front of the quilt, and now I get so spend some quality, hand-sewing time on the couch to finish it off. I chose one of my favorite fabrics from American Jane, and so far I am loving how it frames the quilt. Hopefully I'll have some finished quilt pictures to show you very soon!

Have a happy Monday!
xoxo, Angela


  1. I LOVE to spend a day sitting on the couch watching old movies and hand sewing the binding while the cozy quilt is on my lap. I'm jealous.

    Well .... if I'd get off the computer and sew I'd have one to start on tonight!

  2. I love hand-sewing the binding too! I pop in a good movie and relax :-) Can't wait to see it finished! LOVE your binding choice!

  3. I love hte did such a beautiful job!

  4. oh, i love it! i should try something like this, but all those triangles freak me out!