Saturday, August 14, 2010


I am a huge fan of babywearing. Both of my boys have spend hours and hours in either a front or backpack, and I loved every minute of it. It is so great for both the baby and the mama. The baby feels safe and secure snuggled up to mom, and mom gets to not only enjoy the closeness, but also two free hands!
Both of my boys spent hours and hours in these packs. Whether it is shopping (short trips to the grocery stores or hours spent at Ikea), hiking, or around the house, I've them almost daily. It is so convenient to have baby so close.
I just starting putting Finley in the Baby Bjorn this past week, since she is now one month old. After just a couple minutes of fussiness, she quites right down. She tends to look around for awhile and then fall asleep. So far we've gone for a couple walks, and yesterday we went to the local county fair. She slept in it for two hours! Having two free hands made the trip so much easier. The photos above are from the fair yesterday.
The next photos are of the carriers that I use, they were taken when Elijah was less than a year old.
This first one is the Beco Baby Carrier, and it is my personal favorite. It can be worn in the front or the back with the baby facing in. I like this one the best because it is the most comfortable on my body. Also, the sides are more open, so it isn't too warm for mom or baby. They come in super cute fabrics, too (mine has a Joel Dewberry print on the outside). Check out this link to see some of the custom carriers that feature fun prints like Amy Butler's Sunspots, Groovy Guitars, and even some scooters!!!
The second one pictured is a organic Ergo Baby Carrier. This is another great carrier. It is very supportive and great when the baby is being carried for long periods of time. My husband prefers this one. I used it quite a bit too, but it didn't fit my body quite as well as the Beco. This one is really versatile, and the baby can be carried in the front, back, and also on the hip.
The last carrier pictured is the Baby Bjorn. This is my favorite carrier to use when the baby is really small. Although baby is only carried in the front, I love that they can face in (while smaller) and out once they have more head control.
If you are interested in learning more about babywearing, please check out the link listed above. And as always, feel free to email me at raggedyowl [at] yahoo [dot] com. If you do try out a carrier, please don't expect baby to love it the very first time. It is a big adjustment for some babies, and my advice is to try it for a little while every day. The more often you use it, the more they will get used to it and eventually they will most likely love it. :)
A note on pricing - These carriers aren't cheap, but I think they are a wonderful investment. Personally, I decided to pay full price for a new Ergo and Beco because I could use them a lot longer. I bought my Baby Bjorn slightly used on eBay because I wasn't planning on using it as long.


  1. I love baby wearing too. my baby is almost one though, so my back can't really take it anymore. I just love that after about 5 minutes of babywearing, he always falls asleep.

  2. i wore my son out of sheer necessity, and we ended up loving it. my carrier of choice was usually a sling or wrap of some kind. it is amazing how fast they fall right to sleep and are much more content when they are with you.

  3. Just when I thought you couldn't be any cooler, I come across this. Baby wearing is awesome, so many benefits and not to mention, so convenient!! I preferred using a ring sling myself and made one for every outfit and every day of the week!