Sunday, August 29, 2010

inspiration - solids

Isn't it funny? I've been stocking up on some gorgeous new prints lately, and look at me, drooling over these gorgeous quilts made out of solid colored fabrics. Here is what is inspiring me lately (click on links to go to source).

1. Plain Spoken II - Top Complete, 2. queen size squares in squares quilt, 3. Anniversary Crosses, 4. Red Criss Cross, 5. summer blocks, 6. quilt top, 7. what a bunch of squares sqaures, 8. cross my heart :: a quilt., 9. Fence Stripe Baby Quilt - Pink and Green detail

I'm pretty sure I want to make every single one of these quilts.

I guess I better stock up on some Kona.


xo, Ang :)


  1. aren't they all gorgeous...i love them

  2. it's funny how solids aren't boring at all when it comes to quilting. It almost takes MORE guts to use solids, doesn't it?

  3. Same here! I've already stocked up on solids, I just have to get my butt in gear and make some quilts with them now :)