Wednesday, September 8, 2010

belly sleeping

Just a little update for this post on the baby girl. Naptime has been wonderful since she has been napping on her belly. In general, they are 2-4 hours (I know!!!) and and seems more rested and happy. That makes this mama very happy, which in turn makes everyone else in the house very happy. She still sleeps on her side during the night and wakes up once (sometimes twice) to eat, but I am very very happy with that.

Don't you just love when they sleep with their little butts up in the air? Doesn't get much cuter than that! And she is two months old tomorrow... where did that time go??

Hope you are having a wonderfully crafty week!

xo, Ang

PS - Thanks so much for all of the sweet comments and emails about this. I really appreciate them, and they are so helpful. You all are the best.


  1. she is adorable...i remember when i finally put my daughter on her tummy for naps and it revolutionized our household.

  2. she is just too adorable for words. the sleeping with the butt in the air has always been one my favorite "baby" things....along with chubby cheeks and rolly, chunky baby thighs!!!

  3. Ah! Makes me miss my little babies. Yes, she is just too cute. Love the sleeping pics!

  4. Thank you for showing/talking about your baby sleeping on her tummy in a safe manner. I am a postpartum nurse and we emphasize to new parents the importance of sleeping a baby on his/her back. As a Mom I understand the difficulties of back sleeping when it doesn't suit the baby. Tummy sleeping is safe if done in a supervised fashion. I love that your baby is in a bassinette with no bulky blankets or bumper pads to stop air circulation. I appreicate that you talk about tummy sleeping at nap time and not all night. I am glad you have found a solution that helps baby get a bit more rest and you a bit more peace! Keep up the good work!