Monday, September 13, 2010

cassette tapes

I made this cute little zipper pouch this weekend. Isn't this cassette tape fabric from Timeless Treasures so fun?? It matches Amy Butler's Full Moon polka dots in lime perfectly, and come on, who doesn't love a hot pink zipper? :)

Since I'm always lugging Finley's diaper bag around, I rarely get to carry a purse anymore. Now that I have this cute little pouch, my chapstick, gum, and keys aren't bouncing around in her bag. No more digging through mounds of diapers and extra clothes!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that I am on Twitter now. I am just getting started so come find me @ raggedyowl!


  1. this is so fun...the colors and the cassettes!!! people must tell you how cool it is every time you take it out of your diaper bag.

  2. so cute. I always say I'm going to sew little pouches to organize the diaper bag and then don't because I then think, "No, I really just need to DESIGN the perfect diaper bag for me and sew it." Yeah, that doesn't happen either. :)

  3. very cute~i've never tried doing zippers~eeek~
    i have a new linky blog you are welcome to come post this! :)

  4. Everything you make is so darn cute, and this is just over the top. I love checking out your blog to see what you are up to!