Tuesday, September 7, 2010

change of plans

I planned on trimming my lastest FMF blocks during naptime today.

That was until this came in the mail:

Instead I think I'll enjoy some quiet time with my brand new Ikea catalog, my mug rug, and a nice cold Diet Coke.
Good times.

xo, Angela


  1. haha, think I would do the same. can't wait for my IKEA catalogue. ... then again, if I had some FMF, well, I don't know if I could resist that beautiful fabric.

  2. I have to stay away from that catalog - too much to want!

  3. I would have liked to relax today, too! :) Good choice!

  4. Looks like fun...but I can honestly say I've never even browsed an IKEA catalog or been in a store. =( So primitive. =)