Sunday, October 24, 2010


I love Halloween. The cutesy (not spooky) version.

I whipped up this little table runner a couple weeks ago, it matches the bunting that I made for the fireplace.

I also got a fun little package in the mail this week! My friend Amanda told me about Haunt, a very cool etsy shop that sells all kinds of bath and body products. I bought two lip glosses, and can you see the flavors?

Pumpkin cake and candy corn. YUM!

That is it for now. Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already!

xoxo, A


  1. Really cute runner! I love halloween and zig-zags! :)

    YUM Haunt!! I hope that means my lipbalm will be arriving soon too!

  2. The zig zags on the runner is so cute! And the lipbalm looks so yummy!

  3. this is such a cute table runner...i love the zig zag

  4. I just LUUUUVE these! Great jobs and I adore the cute-sie fabric!

  5. so cute, I totally love cutesy stuff. And the zig zag, oh how I cannot wait to try one! Your house must look so cute, you make me want to make some holiday decorations for my house!

  6. Your runner looks great and I love the zigzag pattern :) I've been writing down all of the ingredients I need to buy for our Halloween party :) It's my husbands birthday so we always have a fun dinner with ghoulish foods *grin*. Gonna be some eyeballs this year LOL.

  7. I'm loving all your halloween cuteness!!!