Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas came early.

I have been so blessed to have very sweet and generous quilting friends by way of the web. Other than my friend Mary, I don't know anyone in the "real world" who sews at all. I really appreciate my blogging friends, they are a constant source of encouragement and inspiration.
Speaking of those friends, Christmas came early this week via this wonderful package from my friend Aneela!
She made me this beautiful mini quilt featuring many fussy cut prints...
...and this pretty little mug rug, featuring her very own fabric line, Sherbet Pips. I've used it the last two mornings with my morning cup of coffee. And how cute is that Cath Kidston pin cushion?? That is one of my favorite shops.
And last, some of her Sherbet Pips. I'm so excited to make a couple things for myself out of them. What a sweetheart she is!! I love everything. :)

Projects for ME are definitely next on the sewing agenda. I'm a little burned out from all of the Christmas sewing that has been going over here the past couple weeks. I'm thinking a patchwork zipper pouch, a needlebook, maybe a crochet hook organizer...

Okay, off to wrap a few gifts with the boys and watch Spiderman. Weston is really into superheroes right now, it is pretty fun.

Hope you are having a really great Friday!
xoxo, Angela


  1. oooh what a wonderful package! I found Aneela's blog about a week ago and I absolutely love it. I also love her new fabric line, do you know if it's available yet? I didn't think it was.

  2. Oh my goodness - aren't you the most luckiest of ducks! What a sweet, thoughtful gift. Enjoy your Pips!!!

  3. Wow, you are so blessed! Those are some amazing gifts from the very talented Aneela!

  4. What wonderful gifts! How thoughtful of her to send you such fun things.

  5. Lucky lucky girl! I can't wait to get my hands on some of Aneela's line!! I too have decided to try and sew some more for me in the New Year!

  6. i am with you having blog friends to share sewing and quilting with is pretty great. i have only one friend that quilts and she is moving away this month...sad for me.

  7. oh my, what sweet things! I love the little house pin cushion, too!

  8. I found your lovely blog through Mary and I too have no one really to share my love for quilting and sewing other than my blog friends. Blogging has opened up a door for some wonderful friendships:)

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Savior!


  9. oh how fun!
    i just adore the girl on swing fabric. hmm, where to purchase that again?
    happy hugs for a pleasant christmas week!

  10. cuuute!!

    I know what you mean about bloggy quilt friends. Until we started a modern quilt guild chapter in St. louis a few months ago, I knew NO ONE locally who quilted in a modern style. My blog friends were/are my lifeline!

  11. That little house pincushion is so adorable! I have never seen it - but I must find one for myself!!

  12. That is such a sweet gift! you must be totally thrilled!