Saturday, October 27, 2012

autumn washi.

I made a new washi tunic yesterday.
Phew, that was a crazy week.  Steve was gone on a hunting trip, so it was just me and the kiddos.  He is my favorite person and the best dad, so we are all a little lost without him when he is gone.  He will be home any minute, I can't wait.  Life can resume as normal.

Liberty washi tunic
My love affair with garment sewing continues!  I made my second Washi earlier on in the month.  My first was a dress, so this time I tried out the tunic.  I really like my dress but I LOVE this top.  I used a beautiful print from Liberty of London's Bloomsbury Garden line, isn't it the perfect autumn print? 

Liberty washi tunic
I went sleeveless and used the traditional washi neckline for the first time.  I really thought the cutout was cute,  but after making a top with it, I love it even more!  It is so unique, a nice little touch.  I like it sleeveless, it fits perfectly under my mustard yellow cardigan.  Plus, I feel like those little sleeves, which look adorable on everyone else apparently, just don't work on me.  I feel like a football player!

Liberty washi tunic
I cut out another washi top already.  This one will have the 3/4 length sleeves from the Tova top.  Did you see Rae's new tutorial for her long sleeves?  That dress is adorable!  I might have to switch mine up, the elastic at the cuffs looks so comfy.

Liberty washi tunic
xo, Ang

PS - Thanks to all who entered the Sweet Celebrations giveaway!  The winning comment is from SewLindaAnn:  "My fave line has always been Authentic by Sweetwater. (Love all the garments you've made, the tanks and dress are really great. Your shawl is stunning, can't believe it's your first!)"

If you haven't already heard from the kind people at Moda, you will be soon!  I hope you enjoy your book and fabric. :)


  1. Very cute! I bought the pattern but haven't tried it yet.

    Also love that you hung your washi dress with washi tape. :-)

    1. I didn't even think about that! Thanks for pointing it out, too funny. :)

  2. That top is adorable-great choices!

  3. Pretty! There were a handful of girls wearing washi dresses at market. The dresses look great in pictures, but even better in person. I'm definitely going to buy this pattern!

  4. super cute. you always make me want to learn how to sew clothes!