Saturday, July 18, 2009


So... I have the sweetest, most thoughtful and romantic husband. It is true. My birthday is coming up in the end of September, and Steve told me yesterday what my gift can be this year if I want it. Let me tell you first that he is the greatest gift giver I know. Two years ago was a surprise weekend getaway to Chicago to see my favorite piece of art, the Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso.

My gift last year was an amazing queen size quilt he had one of his patients make for me. It is even hand-quilted...

Along w/ that a big box of my favorite candy (peanut butter whoppers) and a Steelers hoody (I love Troy Polamalu).

And now on to this year... If I would like, Steve is going to treat me to a Weekend Sewing workshop with HEATHER ROSS! I didn't realize, but she is hosting two of them this summer in Vermont, and I may be going to the one in the end of August. Can you imagine? Steve knows how much I love her fabric, so he looked her up to see if she did any classes. Check out this link for more details, and if any of you are going, let me know. :)

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  1. what a awesome and thoughtful husband. A heather ross workshop sounds like a dream.