Tuesday, April 6, 2010

new projects.

A new house needs lots of new quilts, right? Here are some current works in project:

A half square triangle quilt for Weston's bed (this is finished, I just need to get some photos)

A string quilt in Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley

And last, me (at 6 months pregnant) and the little guys coloring Easter eggs. We had an absolutely wonderful holiday, and hope that your was as well.

at home in the country.

Well, I don't know about you, been a very busy month over here. We sold our first home, bought our second, and moved our little family of four (soon to be five) from our big old house in town to a ten acre farm located four miles out of town in the country. Surprised? Some of you may be a little, but those of you who know me well shouldn't be at all. I've always been a little bit of a granola girl, sorta crunchy around the edges. Doc and I have always spent as much time as possible outdoors, and now that the boys are getting older and are in need of some space, we decided that now is the time to do it. Here are a few photos of the new place:

the chicken coop

the barn

Doc and the boys checking on our two black angus cows

our new chicks

the boys love them and can't wait until they are big enough to lay eggs!
And let me tell you, moving while 6 months pregnant is a very dangerous thing. I am nesting like crazy, so it literally took me a couple of days to get unpacked. Next on the list, new quilts (more on that in the next post) and lots of painting!!!