Friday, May 7, 2010

Elijah's quilt - square in square

Here is Elijah's quilt. It is 100% inspired by Allison's. I totally fell in love with the pattern she used and knew that I had to make one for little Eli.

It matches Weston's quilt, and is made of the same fabrics, backing, and binding.

The overallsize of the quilt is also slightly narrower than a twin (to fit their bunkbed).

Weston's quilt - half square triangles

This is Weston's quilt. He really wanted bright colors and triangles, so this is what we came up with.

This quilt is full of American Jane (Happy Campers, Wee Play, Recess) and Katie Jump Rope, with a little bit of Amy Butler and Lush thrown in. The backing is from an Ikea duvet cover, and the binding is Lush woodgrain.

It is slightly narrower than a typical twin sized quilt. I made it that way so that it would comfortably fit the boys' bunkbeds without hanging over the edges too much.

And Weston really loves it. :)

Little boy quilts X 2

Be back soon to share pictures of the quilts I made for the boys bunkbeds. Isnt' this photo to die for, by the way? Love those little feet....

Dresden Plate table quilt

Have you seen Elizabeth's Dresden Plate pattern yet? I have been wanting to try this out for quite sometime. And guess what, it is so easy!!! I made this little 16" quilt one afternoon last week, and it currently lives on my dining room table (and it matches the new paint wonderfully, I might add).

These Dresden plates are popping up everywhere! Here and here are some more great ones.

Double Hourglass quilt

Though this quilt has been finished since January, I am just now getting around to taking photos and posting them here. The double hourglass quilt currently lives on our living couch and has probably been used more than any other quilt in the house. It is definitely one of my favorite patterns ever, and features several of my most loved fabrics.

The binding is American Jane tape measures, and I used Lush woodgrain, the tape measures, and Wonderland Momo flowers for the backing. I included the Wonderland selvedge, and love the effect.

busy busy busy

That is what I have been lately. I have been painting and sewing like crazy! I have a freshly painted kitchen and dining room, a table quilt, a living room quilt, two twin quilts, and a bee block to show you. Phew. One busy mama. I've been so determined to get a lot done in the new place before the baby (2 months left!) until the little princess gets here.

Here is a block for April in the Bee-autiful quilting bee. Jenni, aka Cat Hair Quilts, requested a Katie Jump Rope block with an embroidered woodland scene. I added an extra embroidered piece for her to include in her quilt. (embroidery patterns from A Little Sweetness)

Here are a couple shots of our new dining room, before and after. It took many hours of primer and patience to get that dark, eighties wood trim painted white, but I think it totally paid off! I'm in love with the finished product. Still to come to the dining room: a new table/chairs (we left the old nice in the house we just sold due to buyer's request.... this is a junky old hand-me-down), more artwork, bookshelves, curtains and lamps. At least the hard work is done though, right?
Doc in the before... not a big fan of the dark wood and mint green.

And the after... Pretty aqua/gray!

And last, here is a picture of one of the beautiful flowering trees in a yard. We are so happy that spring is here!