Thursday, June 30, 2011

week 5 - FWQAL

Here are my two blocks for week 5 of our Farmer's Wife quilt along.

The lighter one is #30 - End of Day, and I love how this one turned out.  The scale and color of the prints worked out so nicely.  The pink is from Lizzy House's 1000 Peeps, the green is Tula Pink's Prince Charming, and the words are an older print from Timeless Treasures.  I've been hoarding that print, only using bits of it here and there (like in this one!) and I love it for my Farmer's Wife quilt. It is a good one for fussycutting.

The second block I made is #25 - Cups and Saucers.  I am less thrilled about this one.  I used two Habitat prints here, but there just isn't enough contrast.  It is hard to see all of the little seams and pieces, that is no good.  Note to self: don't do that again!!

Go say hi to Amanda, and go visit the flickr group!  It is a great resource and a nice way to connect with other people who are sewing with us.  If you haven't yet, come over and introduce yourself!!

xo, A

This post is part of the Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-long, please feel free to jump in at any time!  More information and previous posts can be found HERE.


  1. I like both of the blocks! Though you think the dark one doesn't have enough contrast, I think it looks like a neat chalkboard doodle. It ties in nicely with the handwriting fabric.

  2. I like both blocks too. I noticed that the book author didn't always make high contrast blocks. Working with modern large print fabrics can be a challenge in such a small format but i think the black block will still look great alongside all of the other blocks.

  3. both gorgeous, i can't wait to see your finished quilt, your fabric choices are so fab, it will be wonderful!

  4. I like both blocks! We are always the most critical of our own work, aren't we? :) I also wanted to let you know that all of your beautiful blocks inspired me to buy this book. I have not gotten started yet, and do not have the time to commit to the entire quilt, but I think here and there ... when I have some time and some scraps I will make some blocks, and maybe eventually I will have enough blocks for a lap quilt or something. Thanks for all of the inspiration ... I may have looked past this little gem of a book because the book has the sort of "country" feel I try to stay away from, but seeing all of your blocks in modern prints really helped me to see the value in the book.

    Hugs, Sara :)

  5. Cute! I love the fabrics you use! I can relate to making the same mistake of little contrast with one of my blocks for this week. Haven't posted yet, cause I'm not done with the second. I'm really enjoying the QAL. Thanks for leading it.

  6. I love them both ... equally but for different reasons. And I totally agree with Suzanne about them tying together.

    I'm hoarding a bit of that Timeless Treasure script too! I take it out and stroke it frequently ...

  7. LOVE these! Such great fabrics and combinations. I love the scribbles in the one, and the cursive lettering and dots in the other. Well done! :)

  8. I love the End of Day block! I see different patterns each time I look at it.

  9. I actually LOVe the second block and dislike the first block. Mostly because I'm a graphic designer and not a quilter by trade. I see what you're saying about contrast and maybe in context with the rest of the quilt you're working on it doesn't fit. BUT it is gorgeous. The black space from the first print (the scribbly one) bleeds into the black of the 2nd print and makes it more deconstructed-looking and more interesting. I guess that's because I'm less into formal quilt blocks and more into wonky/deconstructed. Just my opinion! But I'm pinning that 2nd block to my inspiration pinboard on pinterest. ;) (

    I think I dislike the first block because I feel like the school handwriting pattern is out of place. But it's probably because I don't like that type of fabric — the things that are meant to look like something else or that have more realistic less abstract things on them. I love everything from the habitat line and typically go for mod patterns.

    Lovely work on both though, as per usual! I couldn't sew a perfect block if my life depended on it, which is why I always go wonky. ;)

  10. Hi Angela...
    I LOVE your block with the schoolhouse script in it....I have been hoarding that fabric and using it here and there for different projects.
    I have just joined in the quilt along and posted about my first block today...I also used a script fabric in mine...a seed catalog print!
    Thanks for starting the quilt's gonna be fun:)
    Bee in my Bonnet

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