Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I think I'm in recovery mode after the long Thanksgiving weekend.  It went well, the meal and everything, I'm thankful for that.  The day went off without a hitch, and we all really enjoyed ourselves and each other.  After the long weekend (the kiddos just went back to school today), I am ready for a some restful days! 
I squeezed in a bit of crafty time admist the chaos.  I made this quick and easy bunting out of some of my favorite red and green fabrics.  It was a nice afternoon project. 
I think this little bird is my favorite out of the whole thing.  I wish they'd reprint this line!! 
I did quite a bit of knitting.  Big surprise right?  I am thoroughly addicted!  This cowl is getting so big and squishy.  I should finish it up in the next day or two, so I'll share more details then.
I also finished up my Swoon quilt!  It has taken its rightful place on our messy bed... Along with my Flea Market Fancy quilt, of course. 
As soon as the weather breaks (it has been rainy/snowy here!) I will get some full shots of the finished quilt.  I can't wait to share it with you. 
Be back soon!
xo, A

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I finished my honey cowl the other day!  It turned out so nicely, and it is super soft and fuzzy.  I've been wearing it every day since then.  It was good timing too, since it cooled down since then and has been very wet and rainy.  More pictures and details are on Ravelry.
Now I'm off for a Thanksgiving feast at Weston's school and a day spent in the kitchen.  And maybe a little bit of hand sewing. :)
xo, A

Monday, November 21, 2011

cozy Monday.

How is it the week of Thanksgiving??  Really, it completely snuck up on me.  This is our first year with a kid in school full-time, and it has made time fly more than ever.  We have a busy week ahead of us, and it is full of good things.  Dinner with friends, Christmas shopping, baking and cooking, Thanksgiving at our house (for the 6th year in a row!), and then decorating for Christmas on Friday (one of my favorite family traditions).
So for today I think we will stay in and enjoy a quiet day at home.  My plans?  In between playtime with the kiddos, I'd like to finish up this honey cowl and read more of this book.  I can't wait to wear this, it is so  fuzzy and soft.  And this book is amazing.  Really, life changing for me.
Hope you have a great start to the week.
xo, A

ETA - The quilt in the background is my Habitat bowtie quilt.  For those of you that asked/emailed about it, you can find my post about it here. :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

farming again - FWQAL week 25

I've been farming again, and it has been so enjoyable.  I forgot how much fun these blocks are to make.  They are so addicing!  Once you make a couple, it is hard to stop.  I made 7 last week.

#58 - Mother's dream
58 -  Mother's Dream - my favorite from this batch.  I think the aqua herringbone and gray heath are pretty much the perfect fabrics.

#57 - morning 
57 - Morning

#63 - ozark maple leaf 
63 - Ozark Maple Leaf.  Love these two fabrics together.  You know that woodgrain is one of my all time favorites, and that yellow from DS Quilts is so pretty.  I used this for the backing of my Swoon quilt (which has been quilted and is now ready to be bound... eeee!)

#103 - whirlwind 
103 - Whirlwind.  This is definitely my least favorite of the batch.

#111 - monkey wrench 
111 - Monkey Wrench.  I sure love this block (I think it is the same as churn dash?)  I'd like to make a whole quilt from this block someday.

109 - Windows. 

#108 - windmill 
108 - Windmill.  I really like this one, but the yellow (which is so pretty and from Pat Bravo) might be a little much.  I am thinking that if I use it in a couple other blocks that it will look okay.  But I may just redo the block, not sure yet!

43 so far! 
Now I am up to 43 blocks.  I am still a few behind, hopefully I'll be caught up in the next few weeks.  Once I get to the halfway point, which is 56 blocks, I'll lay them all out again and get a few pictures.  I think that will help me decide what colors/prints/etc I'm lacking, and maybe then I can finally decide on sashing and layout.  I am having the hardest time deciding!!

43 so far!

Speaking of layouts, did you see this and this??  Seriously, check them out.  They are crazy beautiful and inspiring.  Be sure to check out Amanda's latest blocks.  She has been farming like crazy, and they are as beautiful as always.

Hope you are having a good weekend!
xo, Angela

This post is part of the Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-long, please feel free to jump in at any time!  More information and previous posts can be found HERE.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

a great start to the week.

This week has gotten of to a really great start.  First, I finished up my honey cowl!  I am really happy with it.  It is so thick and cozy and cute, and I can't believe that I made it.  I definitely recommend this pattern, and it is especially great for a beginner like me.  You can find more info on Ravelry.
Honey cowl
Oh, but trying to take a good photo of it on?  Not so fun.  Self portaits, ugh.  This is the best I got. 
I finished my honey cowl! 
I started a second honey cowl yesterday.  This time I am using Malabrigo Silky in burgandy, and I am making the middle size.  I think I'm going to omit the rolled edges. 
Another project
More good things?  I had a little "me time" yesterday afternoon, that doesn't happen too often.  Spent some time at Starbucks knitting, of course.  I do love those red cups. 
Red cup! 
And happy mail!  I received this great pillow Monday from the Pillow Talk Swap.  It is from Brenda, and she did such a nice job.  She was sweet enough to include a bunch of Cosmo floss, which I was really needing for my AMH Needleworks project.  Thanks again, Brenda!
My beautiful pillow and cosmo floss from the PTS6! 
My friend Jeni sent me some Salty Caramel Sauce too... it is delicious!  And it is gone already. :)
Oh, @jenib320 you sure made my day!!! 
I got to do some farming for the first time in over a month!  How I have missed those little blocks.  I made 4 on Monday, and have plans to make a couple more today.  I'll be back tomorrow with those.
Farming again!

I also stopped at JoAnn's yesterday to pick up some backing for my Swoon quilt.  By that I mean drove 45 minutes to get there.  And what did I realize when I got there?  I totally forgot my 40% off coupon.  Bummer!  Guess I'll need to make another trip soon.

Hope you are having a good week, too!
xo, Angela

Thursday, November 3, 2011

a list

Lots of things going on this week, so today I have a list.
Frosty morning

1.  We are having the oddest weather.  Last weekend was very cold and we got our first snow.  It was an inch of two and only lasted the morning, but the boys took advantage of it. 

Now the snow is gone and it is in the 60's and I'm on my way out to mow the lawn.  See?  Odd.

2.  I joined Ravelry this week.  My screen name there is fussycut-angela and you can find me here.  I added a few of my more recent projects to my page and picked out my next project.  I'm still working on my honey cowl this week, and I am really enjoying every  minute of it.

After some consultations with Rita and Megan, I placed an order for some Malabrigo yarn the other day, and I can't wait to try it out.  I also bought some cute stitch markers off of Etsy and picked out some fabric from my stash for my next project bag.  Oh dear, knitting is going to be an expensive hobby, isn't it?

4.  My favorite Christmas candy is out!  Need I say more??

5.  I pulled out my Good Folks Swoon quilt top.  I don't know what to do for the backing yet.  I have quite a few FQ's leftover from the line that I could piece together, but I don't know if I want to use it all up here.  I think I may save them for some pillows.  We will hopfully head to Joann's this weekend to see if there is some of the yellow print from DS Quilts left.  I think that'd work perfect for the backing.

6. I miss blogging.  Since I was little I've kept a journal, and I love keeping this one online.  It is my place to share what I sew and document a bit of my life at home.  I am hoping that I can be back to a somewhat normal schedule next week with Farmer's Wife blocks and regular posts. 

Hope you are well!  I'll be back soon.
xo, A