Friday, March 23, 2012


Monkey socks 
I finished up my Monkey socks last night.  They are my most favorite item I've knit so far!
Monkey socks 
It is a quick and easy pattern, and after a few repeats, I had it memorized.  Made for some nice, (almost) mindless knitting.  You can bet you'll be seeing this pattern again!  I love it.  Ravelled here.
Monkey socks 
We've had a wonderful week.  The weather has been in the 70's and sunny everyday, so we've been spending tons of time outside.  I took these cute pictures this past weekend.  We took the kids fishing and spent the day at our hunting camp.  In this first picture, they are chowing down on the white bread that we use to catch catfish.  We only eat wheat at home, so they love to eat the "fish bread" everytime we fish.  They crack me up.
Fishing this weekend. Finley - 20 months
Have a nice weekend!  We are heading out to see Hunger Games tomorrow.
Wayyy too excited about that.
xoxo, Angela

Friday, March 16, 2012

a start.

Hey, guess what... I sewed something!  Okay, well I cut up a ton of fabric and I started a new quilt.  There is not much sewing going on over here, which also means no blogging for me.  I've missed them both.  Finley is 20 months now, and she is at the age where she is on the go all the time.  It is such a fun time, just not very conducive to sewing.  But I am okay with that, I'll get back to it soon enough.
  new fabric!
I stashed this gorgeous set of fat quarters last year sometime.  It is Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party, and it may be my favorite of all her lines.  It is so bright and graphic and springy.
Garden Party pickledish
This will be a big old king sized Pickledish quilt for our bed.  Not quite sure what I'm thinking... not much sewing time yet I pick out a rather difficult, long term project. Oh well, I think it is going to be pretty great. 
Garden Party pickledish
I'm following Aneela's pickledish quilt-along for this.  I spent a couple afternoons last week cutting out 1600ish wedges.  It went really fast actually.  I cut my fat quarters into 4" strips and then used my Dresden plate ruler to cut the wedges.  Plus, I watched Downton Abbey (I'm obsessed!!!) so that made it go fast too. 
Garden Party pickledish 
Hard to believe that those pretty fat quarters are all cut up!  But I have 1600 wedges, 200 squares, and a thread covered shirt to prove it:
hermione socks 
See my new socks?  This is my second pair.  I've discovered that sock knitting is the perfect hobby for a mom with a busy toddler.  Small, compact, and travels everywhere.  Perfect.  Needless to say, I knit alot.  I'm halfway done with my third pair of socks, I have new needles and sock yarn on the way, and I just picked out my first cardigan pattern.  Oh yes, I love knitting.  More info on these pinks socks can be found here on Ravelry.
hermione socks
Hope you have a great weekend!  It is rainy today so we are heading out to watch The Lorax after school, and tomorrow it is supposed to be 70 and sunny here.  Can't wait!

xo, A