Thursday, May 31, 2012

another birdie sling

a summer bag
I made a new bag for the summer a couple weeks ago!  I still love my first birdie sling, I just wanted something light and bright.  Plus, I like to have options.  I was the kind of kid growing up that rearranged her room once a month.  I love change.  But anyways, back to the bag... :)
a summer bag
I fell in love with this feather print from Martha Negley the first time I saw it on Etsy.  The feathers are beautiful, and I love all of the different colorways.  I also bought the white/pink for a tank and the olive for a project bag! I knew this mustardy yellow would be perfect for a Birdie Sling.
a summer bag
I used quite a bit of my Lush woodgrain stash for the handle.  This has been one of my favorite fabrics for years, so it was hard to use up such a big chunk of what I have left.  I'm glad I did!  I think it looks great with the feathers. 
new socks
I have a new pair of socks on the needles too.  This is a simple pattern called Pillar, and I am using Malabrigo sock yarn in lettuce.  I am loving everything about these socks.

Phew, two blog posts this week?  I'm on a roll. :) 

Have a great weekend!
xo, A

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

finished - Farm Life baby quilt

Farm Life baby quilt
I have a couple finished baby quilts to share with you, here is the first. 
Farm Life baby quilt
I had a lot of fun making this quilt.  It is made from one layer cake (plus some coordinating prints) and was simple to cut out and assemble.  I love and highly recommend the pattern: Crackle by Aneela Hoey.
Farm Life baby quilt
fabric - Farm Fresh by Riley Blake,
backing - DS Quilts (yellow), Momo Wonderland flowers
binding - Free Spirit red dots
pieced and quilted by me
Farm Life baby quilt
If you are interested in purchasing the quilt, you can find it listed for sale here. SOLD, thank you!
xo, Angela
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

rainy days

We've had some rainy days over here.  I don't mind rain on a Monday.  I'm usually feeling a little tired from the weekend, and it is nice to have an excuse to stay in.
inside out - quilting
I've been working on the new quilt I shared with you in my last post.  It is such a fun little project.  The quilting went quickly, and I decided to check out my Art Gallery stash for the binding.  They were kind enough to send me some half yard cuts from Oval Elements and Pure Elements a while back.  They are such lovely fabrics, I can't get enough them. 
Art Gallery fabrics
I ended up going for the pink dots for the binding, a perfect match wouldn't you say?
inside out - binding
It is raining again today, so I think I'll spend a little time on the couch sewing the binding down.  You know how much I love that part.
Last is a picture from yesterday's rainy morning.  Finley is too busy to snuggle much anymore, so I definitely cherish these rare moments when she does.

xo, A

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I started a new baby quilt today.  I'm in love.
Dream On - Inside Out Dream On - Inside Out Dream On - Inside Out Dream On - Inside Out
fabrics - Dream On (Moda) and vintage sheets

More soon!
xo, Angela