Tuesday, May 8, 2012

rainy days

We've had some rainy days over here.  I don't mind rain on a Monday.  I'm usually feeling a little tired from the weekend, and it is nice to have an excuse to stay in.
inside out - quilting
I've been working on the new quilt I shared with you in my last post.  It is such a fun little project.  The quilting went quickly, and I decided to check out my Art Gallery stash for the binding.  They were kind enough to send me some half yard cuts from Oval Elements and Pure Elements a while back.  They are such lovely fabrics, I can't get enough them. 
Art Gallery fabrics
I ended up going for the pink dots for the binding, a perfect match wouldn't you say?
inside out - binding
It is raining again today, so I think I'll spend a little time on the couch sewing the binding down.  You know how much I love that part.
Last is a picture from yesterday's rainy morning.  Finley is too busy to snuggle much anymore, so I definitely cherish these rare moments when she does.

xo, A


  1. What an adorable quilt - I love it!

  2. What a pretty quilt and a precious picture!

  3. Such a pretty quilt and that last picture is so sweet!

  4. oh it looks gorgeous!! and you're right, the binding is a perfect match :) xo

  5. Yeah for rainy days, especially if they want to snuggle under a beautiful quilt! What a precious picture!! Sure do miss those days. They grow up way too fast.

  6. Awe! Snuggling is the best, isn't it?

  7. That quilt is so nice! And the photo of the cuddling is so precious.

    Amanda Rose

  8. My heart just melted. So cute :o)

    And I can't wait to see the final quilt! Love that pattern!

  9. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. I just managed to pull out a charm pack and not to sew a single block. But I think I'll do this soon.
    I used the oval elements as a binding for my colorbrick quilt, too (another color). It adds a fun element to a quilt.
    The moments my little one snuggles are more less and less, too. But sometimes I have luck, too.

  10. Beautful quilt. I love the vintage feel of those fabrics altogether. I also agree with needing those snuggles. They grow up way to fast.

  11. I LOVE that quilt pattern! I think I may have to make one later this summer. :)