Monday, August 13, 2012

summer catch up

Lots of fun going on over here this summer!  I haven't had much time to visit this space, so I thought I'd do a quick summer round up from my Instagram pictures.
Wiksten tank New knitting bag.
1. I've squeezed in a little bit of sewing, my machine has been lonely I think. A Wiksten tank, a couple wide mouth pouches, and a couple new Tova tanks (I'll share those with you later on this week).
Weston Eli
2. The boys are getting so big. They've had a fun summer, but they are antsy to get back to school here in a couple weeks (1st grade and preschool). I'm going to miss them at home, but I'm also glad that they love school as much as they do. Sure makes life easier, right?
Finley Finley 
3. I am completely enamored with this sweet little 2 year old.  I'm constantly suprised by how sweet and girly Finley is, especially after having the two boys. 
Kittens Silo
Silo Banjo
4.  We got some kitties!  The are from a neighboring farm, and we have full intentions of them becoming barn cats when they are older.  But for now, Banjo (the gray one) and Silo are in the house, and we are all in love.
Sweater Holden
5.  Lots of knitting going on in these parts!  I had to take a little break on my sweater.  I finished up the body entirely, including the waisband and neck ribbing, but my wrist was killing me!  I think the heavier weight and bigger needles were really getting to me.  Does this happen to any of you knitters?  After taking a week off, I started a shawl using fingering weight, and it seems fine.  I'm itching to get back to my sweater though, just the sleeves and I am done!
Walter Walter
6. Our friend got a micro pig named Walter!  We've had so much fun visiting with him.

I'm very much looking forward to fall, sewing a bit more, and writing in this space.  I miss it! 
Be back soon.
xo, Ang

PS - Guess what... I snagged a ticket for the Sewing Summit in October!  I am so so excited to go.  I had a blast last year, and I can't wait see everyone. Are any of you going??


  1. banjo and silo are the coolest names for kittens! my daughter wants one so bad but alas, my husband is so allergic... love all the knitting you have been doing, it is beautiful~!

  2. cuteness all around. That pig, oh my, do NOT show that to my kids! :)

  3. No sewing summit but we are think QuiltCon here in Austin.

  4. Great job on the sweater, knitting a cardigan is n my bucket list. :) your kiddos are so cute and happy.

  5. I'll be at Sewing Summit---my first time! I'm so excited to meet everyone and take classes!

  6. The picture of kitty on the sewing machine kills me... What a cute shot!

    I'll be at Sewing Summit again this year. Looking forward to a few days away with a great group of gals!

  7. Your sweater looks lovely! My sister headed back to Montana this morning (sad face), so our week of partying has come to an end. Thus,
    I plan to make some headway on mine in the next couple of days, before Pitt next week (gulp). XO

  8. Your post is just brimming with life! Love it. Your sewing looks great. I am a knitter & tend toward sport & fingering weight yarns, occasionally worsted. Heavier weights are definitely harder on one's wrists & hands. Your sweater looks great tho. Always enjoy your posts.

  9. I still have not started a Wiksten tank yet - I have the pattern and a bunch of fabrics but I am scared! I know it's supposed to be fairly straight forward but I keep psyching myself out!

    And I am so happy that your are going to Sewing Summit because I scored a ticket just a little while ago too! So excited to meet you - we are going to have such an awesome time! (so many exclamation marks!!!!)

  10. Those kittens are so cute!
    As is the pig. I've been eyeing up micro pigs for a while now. I really want to get a couple. I've found the breeder and found out about licenses and everything. How can you not want one when they are so cute :)

  11. Cutest Pig Ever

    I'm gonna need one of those

  12. I'll be at Sewing Summit! I'd love to meet you and say hello!