Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Falling Leaves

Falling leaves quilt
Hi friends! My goal for the fall was to list a few of my quilts in the shop. I am swimming in quilts that have never even been used, and we are running out of storage space in our small home! As hard as it is to let go of my quilts, knowing that they are being loved by their new owners makes me happy.
Falling leaves quilt Falling leaves quilt
Today I am sharing my Falling Leaves quilt. Seems like it is an appropriate time to share this one, since Thanksgiving is tomorrow! I designed this quilt using the classic maple leaves block for the Sweet Celebrations with the Moda Bakeshop Chefs. I loved creating a clean and modern design out of such a beautiful traditional block. This is the first time I ever had a project quilted on a long arm machine. Sharon Sweetland, who is a nationally awarded long arm quilter, did such an incredible job. She also quilted my Swoon quilt that I made out of AMH's Good Folks, remember that one? Those swirls make me want to have everything quilted professionally.
Falling leaves quilt Falling leaves quilt
quilt stats:
fabric: Moda Bella warm pastel fabrics, Kate Spain for backing
pattern: Falling Leaves by me, featured in the Sweet Celebrations book
quiting: swirls by Sharon Sweetland

You can find this quilt right here in my Etsy shop. I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! My family is trying something new this year. We've hosted our families for the past 9 years, and we thought we would take a break and eat out this year! Our families are going to be eating a gourmet meal at a local ski resort and I cannot wait. xoxo, Angela

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

and the obsessive knitting has begun.

purple lowbrow cowl One mitt done!.

Yeah, it is that time of year again. If you know me at all or have followed this blog for awhile, you know that as soon as the weather cools I retreat to the couch with my yarn. I have been knitting quite a bit lately. I am trying to be good, so I am mostly working on Christmas gifts and knitting from my stash. Here is a little peek of a few of the things I've made lately. All of details are available on my Ravelry page. I might try to blog about each of the projects here if I get a chance, but for now you can read about everything there if you want info.

Shimmer in Blue cowl and Snoflinga hat

That purple Lowbrow cowl in that top photo is my most favorite knit right now. I may need to knit another in a neutral color so that I can wear it everyday! The Plucky Knitter traveler aran yarn and the drape in that pattern are just perfect. I took that picture this morning while I was at Tim Hortons and posted it on instagram (@fussycut). I have been doing my Craftsy work there twice a week while Finley is at preschool. It is amazing how much work I can get done there! Working (writing specifically) at home is so hard for me, I just get too distracted. Now I call it my office, and I write and drink lots of coffee while I'm there. Pretty sweet deal I think. If you want to read my Craftsy blog posts, you can find them right here on my author page!

I'll be back soon with that spray basting tutorial you all asked for way back here, I haven't forgotten about it! I also have a finished Briar Rose quilt to share with you. Happy Wednesday! xo Ang