Wednesday, December 18, 2013

finished quilt - Briar Rose

Briar Rose - On a Whim Briar Rose - On a Whim Briar Rose - On a Whim
Oh, Heather Ross fabrics get me every time. I love Briar Rose, it is the sweetest line. I knew before I purchased a FQ set that I was going to use it to make another On A Whim quilt. It is the perfect pattern to display and focus on each individual print, rather than mixing them up together. I used yarn dyed Essex to set off the colors, I am a big fan of the soft neutral tone of flax. Texture is really my thing, and Essex adds the perfect amount.

This was an especially fun quilt to make. After Camille decided to make an identical one with me, an impromptu instagram quilt along began. The quilting community on IG is so great, in case you don't already know that. :) Anyways, a bunch of ladies sewed along and made their own beautiful On A Whim quilts, it was fun to see all of the different colors and fabrics. This is my second one, remember my first? I already want to make another!
Briar Rose - On a Whim Briar Rose - On a Whim Briar Rose - On a Whim
quilt stats
fabric: Briar Rose by Heather Ross, Flax yarn dyed Essex, Kona PFD
backing and binding: Cloud 9 from JoAnn's
pattern: On a Whim by Thimble Blossoms
quilting: meandering pattern by me
dimensions: approx. 70" x 70"

You can find this quilt for sale in my shop. I just finished up a custom quilt order yesterday, which was so fun. I don't take as much custom work as I used to, and I really enjoyed this one. I am a pretty selfish sewer, and I really like to sew what I like, so it was good for me to step out of my comfort zone and use colors that I don't typically use. Now that it is done, I'm ready to get back to my norm though... I have a Chicopee quilt that is ready to baste!!! You know how I feel about Denyse Schmidt fabric. xo, A

PS - I had the worst time trying to capture the colors of the beautiful fabric in photos due to the dreary winter weather we've been having. Be sure to visit these old posts to see clearer pictures of the true colors!

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